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{Top 7} Best Scopes AR-10 Reviews and Guides 2021

Double the size of the rifle and upgrade the rifle glass can be regarded as a good general rule. In the case of the AR-10 this is spot on in terms of upgrading glass sights to fit the needs of the larger AR style rifle.

Best Scopes AR-10 REVIEWS
author photo: Author rifle AR-10 Smith & Wesson.

My background in shooting the AR-10 has begun for the most part in the long range steel target applications. Shooting this type of event allowed me to learn the ballistics and performance of both loads and guns. What I do know is that anyone trying to vastly upgrade the AR platform will have to turn to the AR-10, because it mounts a receiver that can be taken on the big guys in cartridge design. In general, we are talking about the use of the 308 Winchester here, but be advises a whole lot of other cartridges are right in line for use with the large receiver AR-10.

If we move along the lines of the US Army, the primary scope to be considered here would be the Leupold MARK IV. This scope is an outstanding example of a glass sight that owns the 308 Winchester round out to 800 yards at sea level and 1000 yards in high mountain altitudes. I shoot a sniper rifle (designated) using this scope as it was obtained pre-ban to non military or police individual shooters. Based on this scope I will run a balance of glass power that fits around the AR-10’s receiver. Size is important here, but not totally critical as I have seen some very big tubes mounted on AR-10’s over the years in the field.

{Top 7} Best Scopes AR-10 Reviews

1. Vortex Strike Eagle SFF.

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This is an AR style scope, and as such is a bit more compact than the double bell models, and is a 1-6X24 at the working end of the tube. This scope is patterned after the new military glass being issued to replace ACOG sights on Ar-15, or whatever comes next in the weapons inventory in the US Army.

The scope allows rapid target acquisition at close range, and also lets the shooter reach out to 600 yards on that special long shot.

The BDC reticle allows for quick adjustments for holdover, as the turret knobs are chapped at both the elevation position and windage applications.

The glass retains anti reflective coatings, and retains positive low light control as well. The large 30mm tube retains enlarged core components that are built to last, and it is made from an aircraft grade aluminum material.

This scope is a nice balance when applying the 308 Winchester round to the AR-10 rifle.

2. Photo 61C MonstrumG3 1-6X24

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Again another military style combat scope that can make the AR-10 perform like a bolt action long gun. This scope retains adjustable turret settings on high turret knobs, flexible magnification at 1-6x power, and carries a FPP first focal plane system when sighting through the lens.

The scope is sold including Weaver style scope rings, a sunshade that is sniper grade and honeycombed to filter out the sun and lens glint.

The reticle is illuminated with a set of duel control surfaces making the scope a good choice for both day and night gunning situations.

Surface treatment on this scope is the newer dark earth color that fits the military style applications in the middle eastern conflicts.

3. Sig Sauer Sierra6BDX 2-12X40mm/30mm SFP

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Here is something close to the civilian version of the new government contracted battle sight Sig is building for the US ARMY. This is a chopped bell once again making it a bit more compact on the receiver of the AR-10. This scope retains the Sig HDX 6x Optical System that produces very clear imaging on targets down range. Light control and target fade are greatly reduced if not eliminated. The scope is advance in that it will download its ranging capability’s into a smartphone when calculating exact bullet drop to a longer distance target. While some folks are all fans of this technology I will still go with MRADS, or MOA clicks myself. Kinda in the mind set and trained background it you will.

Keeping in mind that this is a digital system and not a mechanical element in its design base, be sure you want to go to this next level of technology when checking out this glass sight. Also to be exact this scope is not the same as the new Sig ARMY standard save for size, glass and ability to reach some extended range limits. The US ARMY is not using cellphones tied to their scope sights in the battle field currently to my understanding.

4. Leupold Mark 5HD

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While not the Mark IV I discussed at the onset of this review this is as close as you get my friends to the military sniper model in a Leupold glass sight. This HD glass system is good, and I mean professional grade quality and performance good.

The scope retains the 5-25X56mm reticle system. Is cleared for anything the AR-10 can chamber including the heavy hitting 300 Win Mag, and will take bullets as far as you can see if enough energy is built up in the rifles chamber.

Turret adjustments will provide 71.5 MOA of elevation which is enough to push that bullet close to a mile, and that means the turret will run three full revolutions and come back to a corrected zero stop in the process. Built in the FFP, first focal plane, this “Gold Ring” master piece is top of the food chain in my opinion.

With the long receiver as applied to the AR-10 the scope is very workable as a long range system. The scope is lighter than others in this group of sniper style glass sights, and as such will balance well on the rifle when moving shots are required at lower power settings.

This scope uses the fully illuminated reticle and retains a choice of sub tension graduations. In this case the sniper Horus designed “Christmas Tree” is also offered, as well as other variants in MOA sub tension sighting visuals.

If you’re a pro and require very good optics that will not fail when all the chips are on the table this is a great option when dressing the AR-10 for field readiness.

5. Leupold MARK 8 CQBSS 3.5-25×56mm.

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This is another big guy in the Leupold MARK series of rifle glass as offered by this company. This is a pro grade sniper scope that can double as a long range hunting scope when the shooter wants to cover a lot of ground from a static position. (one of the ways I hunt often in the wide open Dakota prairie settings.)

This bad boy retains Mil settings with 10 Mil per revolution and 1/10 mil correction for pin point accuracy at any range. Offered in sniper grade FFP, the scope will change target image and sub tensions as well when power is increased. Get a good look and also a good sight picture at the same time your MIL dot reticle registers a required change in elevation or windage for the shot.

At low mag the field of view is massive in terms of eye to target coverage. Using quality glass, the scope will return minimal target fade at long range, clean sharp images and no rainbow effect at the lens edges.

The scopes illumination system gives off seven different intensity settings, and the system makes use of auto lock pinch and return settings. This is a low light and no light shooting system at close range, and a deadly accurate long range rifle scope. Again, like others this scope is very workable on the big receiver associated with the AR-10 weapons system.

This scope is designed, machined, and assembled by Leupold right here in the USA.

Coming down on price point a bit so as to get the average Joe into a good scope for the rifle he just paid an arm and a leg for I will turn to some modestly priced tubes, but also tend to offer good performance results.

6. Burris Fullfield 3-9X40.

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This scope is used by my partners in the field as applied to DPMS AR-10’s, and Ruger models in the same series. These are solid scopes built to the basic gold standard of the 3-9X40 design pattern.

Burris offers these scopes in three different power levels being the previously listed model, a 4.5-14X42, and a 6.5-20X 50mm. Price moves up but not a great deal in terms of added power settings and objective lens size.

As used on task these scopes have been shooting for better than a decade with my outfit and have taken more than their share of the big game down in a clean efficient manner.

Zero is easy with posited turret adjustments, and the capped turrets keep everything clean and in good working order on the underside of the adjustment system.

Good lens glass that is ground to precision levels returns good light control, and a sharp image down range.

This is the basic in the Burris series of glass sights and set up for the big game hunter that will use the scope under average conditions. In the case of our use here at BR&D the glass is always been used in Dakotas open country style hunting. That means a whole lot is expected from the scope in that most shots are 200 or better yards away.

The main tube on this scope is one piece construction, totally weather resistant, and time has told the story regarding bang for the buck on the buyers part,

Author photo: Coyote enter shooting AR-10 308 Win

7. Bushnell Trophy 3-9X40

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Still another brand in a scope well designed for use on the AR-10 the Bushnell Trophy is a working level glass sight that will hang together for the shooter and not require selling off the farm in the process to own.

Fast focus lens settings and a 1.4 MOA click adjustment system for quick accurate zeroing. The capped turrets will keep the adjustment system safe and clean, the lens glass is a good quality that will get the job done, and the overall scope will last the shooter many years, again like the previous model illustrated here these scopes are a main stay here at my Ballistics & Development operation and as such, some have been with me for over 40 years to date. Still kicking and still clicking.

Using the standard 3-9X40 the scope fits exactly toward the whitetail hunter’s needs. The target fade in minimal to normal big game gunning ranges, and the whole system is water tight and fog proof as well.

Recoil effect on the scope is not an issue. I have one of these mounted on a test 12-gauge slug gun. and believe me when I tell you that the firing event is a 12 gauge 1 oz slug being about equal to the 458 Winchester dangerous game cartridge going off against your face from a bench rest. My scopes have never given me an ounce of trouble and they have seen hundreds of new loads over the many years they have been on board here at BR&D.

The sub tension retains the Bushnell Multi-X reticle system. This is a not cluttered crosshair that allows quick centering in low light on big game animals that are moving in timber cover, or very early or late in the day low light cloudy conditions. The glass is designed for hunters and the AR-10 in this case is being evaluated as a big game hunting system weapon.

Author photos:

Overview: While seven scopes do not make up the complete list of possible options as applied to the AR-10 the samples listed here are an average and fit into some of the major profiles associated with getting glass sights onto the AR-10. As a point in fact we can say there is almost an infinite number of scopes that can fit the requirements of glassing the receiver of an AR-10 weapons system.

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