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Top 7 Best Scopes for the SCAR 17 Reviews and Guides 2023

The SCAR 17 by FN is one of the most versatile rifles on the market. Chambered in .308 it is capable of engaging targets from close quarters to long-range if you have the right scope. We have reviewed the favorite scopes on the market and found the top 7 best scopes for the SCAR 17.

Best Scopes for the SCAR 17

Each of the reviewed scopes is designed to withstand the abuse the SCAR 17 will subject them to, are made by some of the most respected manufacturers, and offer the features shooters are looking for.

Let’s take a look at what we found.

Top 7 Best Scopes for the SCAR 17 reviews

1. Leapers UTG 3-9x32mm Bug Buster

The UTG Bug Buster is a perfect example of a quality scope without a hefty price tag. Despite the budget price the Bug Buster is not lacking in features.

The first feature you will notice are the included scope rings. Not only are they QD (quick detach), but they also hold the scope solid even after hundreds of rounds. Speaking of solid that is the best way to describe how this scope feels. The aluminum/polymer construction looks and feels anything but cheap.

Other features include three turrets (one for elevation, one for windage, and the third for optional illumination). All turrets are easy to reach and operate in the field, even when wearing gloves. The scope is also advertised as fog, rain, and moisture resistant, although I am always a little reluctant to see “resistant” rather than “proof”.

The reticle is a simple crosshair design with multiple holdover dots. Although these red dot are not matched to any specific modern warfare caliber it is easy enough to determine what is appropriate for your specific firearm and load. The reticle is also illuminated (optional) and available in either red or green.

The 3-9x power is well-suited for medium to moderate ranges but is a little low for long-range precision shooting. The reticle and picture remain crisp until you get to about 8x. Above this setting, there is some noticeable distortion and blurring.

Due to the low cost of this scope, the minor flaws can be overlooked, making this one of the best scopes for those on a budget.


  • It’s affordable
  • It has zero-rest turrets that can be locked
  • It gives off soft lighting, has no limits on eye relief, and has smooth magnification rings.


  • Image quality control issues.
  • The light transmission needs a multi-coated lens to have an optical effect.

2. Bushnell Engage Rifle Scope, 30mm Tube

Bushnell’s Engage is marketed as a hunting and tactical scope and is available in two tube sizes, 1″ or 30mm. Of these, the 30mm appears to offer the best performance and features.

On the plus side, the glass is remarkably clear and offers good light transfer with a crisp, contrasting picture. picture. The MOA turrets match the reticle markings and track well. The fine lines of the reticle are excellent for precision target shooting. The turrets also include a lock feature, especially useful in a hunting or tactical setting.

On the other hand, the reticle is only available in a single option and is a little too fine for hunting, especially in low light. While the turret tracks well it does lack the range of adjustment needed for long-range. Plus, there is not MIL option, only MOA.

The 30mm tube is well constructed and a good size for the SCAR 17. It will mount solidly without interfering with the operation of the firearm and is not so large that it becomes awkward in the field.

Despite its shortcomings, the Engage 30mm still deserves a place on the any shopping list. Another excellent option for those on a budget.


  • Clear glass that lets in a reasonable amount of light.
  • Turret’s tracks are fine.
  • It has fine crosshairs, which are great for shooting accurately.
  • MOA turrets and reticles that match
  •  It can lock the turrets.


  • The reticle is too tiny for hunting, mainly when the background is dark.
  •  It only has an option for a single illuminated reticle
  •  Internal adjustments for turrets are limited.

3. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x

If you plan on using your SCAR 17 for close or mid-range targets you will be wasting your time (and money) on high-powered scopes. Even a 3-9x will be difficult to use close in. One of the best close-range scopes for the SCAR 17 is the Strike Eagle by Vortex Optics. Despite being a 1x scope, the Strike Eagle offers many of the features shooters look for in more expensive long-range scopes .

The illuminated BDC reticle is specifically designed for close and moderate ranges. The outer circle marks the “circle of death”, perfect for close contact point and shoot use. At the same time, the inner circle allows you to quickly transition to the more precision shoots needed as distance increases.

The glass provides a clear, nearly distortion-free view at lower powers. As you increase the power this distortion does increase but is limited to the very outer edges. If you plan on shooting out to 500 yards or more this will be an issue, however, inside 300 yards there are almost no negative effects.

The capped turrets offer ½ MOA per click with a maximum range of 140 MOA for both elevation and windage. Having caps on the turrets does interfere with your ability to make adjustments on the fly, however, that is not what this scope is designed for. Once zeroed the combination of dual reticle rings should allow you to engage both near and far with nothing more than a change in magnification.

The magnification ring does include a small fin for easier adjustment on the move or when wearing gloves. Although this is a nice feature the fin is a bit small to be truly handy. A larger fin, or added texture, would allow this feature to be more than show.

Most notable is the Strike Eagle’s indestructibility. Vortex is known for heavy-duty scopes that will take a beating and this one is no exception. They are fine-tuned machines that can be treated like daily use tools and will keep going.

In the end, the Strike Eagle may not do everything but what it does do it does well. This is why it made our list of best scopes for SCAR 17s.


  • It has a low-cost LPVO choice.
  • It’s a great scope with unlimited eye relief.
  • Clutter-free reticle
  • It has an extensive internal turret adjustment range and a retina.
  • Even if the battery dies, you can still see the black reticle. 
  • Vortex gives a lifetime warranty.


  • In bright daylight, the light from the reticle washed out.
  • A little bit of fisheye at 1x.
  • The eye box is small and has poor bullet drop vision at high magnification

4. Leupold VX 6HD 1-6x24mm

If you are looking for a scope for your SCAR 17 that will be as comfortable on the 3-gun course as it is hunting your favorite game, it will be hard to beat the Leupold VX HS 1-6x24mm. The slim profile, high-definition optics, and unmatched tactical lights transmission allow this scope to tackle multiple jobs on the range, in the woods, or a tactical setting.

Leupold is known for providing high-quality, American-made optics that last a lifetime. With the VX 6HD, they can add versatility to the list as well. The 1-6x power provides the low settings needed to engage targets in a CQB setting or hunt big game in thick timber while still having the ability to reach out and touch targets at longer ranges.

The real focus of this scope is optics. Built around Leupold’s Professional-Grade Optical System, the VX 6HD provides unmatched light transmission, crystal clear picture, and industry-leading glare reduction. This means you can see, and identify, targets in a wide range of light conditions.

You will also enjoy the in-scope electronic reticle level, CDS-ZL2 Zerolock elevation dial, and removable throw level. This combination allows you to make precise adjustments, hold them while in the field, and change them easily should the need arise.

Like all Leupold scopes, the VX 6HD is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. It is guaranteed for life, even if you are not the original owner.

With features like this and a warranty that is second to none, it is easy to see why the VX 6HD is on our list and why it is worthy of your consideration.


  • Made of high-quality glass.
  • This Leupold scope has lenses with many coatings.
  • The reticle is adjustable.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • The light isn’t bright enough, and the button for turning it on/off doesn’t work well.
  • It’s expensive

5. Steiner T5xi 5-25x56mm SCR

Steiner is a leader in rifle optics, well known for precision scopes, and immensely popular with target shooters and hunters. With the addition of the T5xi, they have also taken the tactical field by storm. This scope is built with the military in mind, making it one of the best scopes for those looking for a high quality item that will last for many years.

The T5xi is the latest generation of scope from Steiner. Manufactured in American using German technology, this line of scopes offers one of the sharpest, toughest, and most reliable optical packages available. The 5-25x56mm is the largest of the three models available and specifically designed to allows your SCAR 17 to perform at its peak on long-distance shots.

It should come as no surprise that the T5xi is heavy in both features and quality. Precise German engineering includes Never-Lost turrets, large easy to use knobs, SCR Reticle, illuminated etched glass, and a Second Rotation Indicator on the elevation turret. No more guesswork or fumbling when making precise adjustments on the bench or in the field.

No matter where you take your T5xi it will be ready to outperform the competition. Each scope is waterproof to 33 feet and the electronics are impact tested. Near water, rain, fog, or sudden shock will take this scope out of action.


  • Its changes are always right and always the same.
  • Portable. 
  • Has a special competition reticle (SCR) that gives a larger light area.
  • It works in low-light situations.


  • It is expensive.
  • Most are not suitable for long-range and fast target acquisition.

6. Nikon P Tactical .308 4-12x40mm BDC800

What qualifies an optic as one of the best scopes for a SCAR 17? It must be durable, have solid construction, and be designed to work well with the .308 caliber round. The Nikon P Tactical .308 4-12x40mm is all that and more.

With the BDC800 illuminated reticle, you get a built-in bullet drop compensator calibrated for up to 800 yards, making it easier to engage targets at a variety of ranges. The 4-12x power magnification is well suited for mid to long-range targets as well, although it may be too much for CQB use. The Rapid Action turrets are also calibrated for the .308.

Nikon is known for its exceptional quality lenses and this scope is no different. The combination of superior workmanship and “Ultra Clear Coat” provides edge-to-edge clarity and superior light penetration. This aids in target identification in a variety of light conditions and adds to the overall versatility of this scope.

Additional features include large combat-style turrets, zero-reset, waterproof/fog-proof construction, and a matte finish. Each scope is also covered by a lifetime warranty, meaning you can use it in the field without worry.

For those in search of a long-range scope, it is hard to beat the Nikon P Tactical .308 4-12x40mm BDC800. It will allow you to take advantage of your .308’s long range capability and then some.


  • It makes images that are sharp and clear.
  • It uses a BDC 800 reticle.
  • Turrets are easily adjustable.
  • It has a guarantee for life.


  • It has poor illumination when used at night.
  • It’s not suitable for shooting at distances of 600 yards or more.

7. Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4x24mm

Although the SCAR 17 is accurate to what most shooters would consider long-range it was originally designed as a combat weapon. This means it also shines in close quarters and some of the best sight scopes for the SCAR 17 allow you to also engage short to mid-range targets. The Conquest V4 1-4x24mm is just such a scope.

This scope is configured with a 1-4x power, perfect for CQB use. With a light transmission rate of 90%, it is also well suited for use in a variety of lighting conditions. At only 9.75 inches and 17 ounces, it will not add unnecessary weight or make your gun too cumbersome in tight spaces.

The Conquest V4 is equipped with the ZQAR reticle, which is illuminated and specifically designed for use with the .308 cartridge. It is available with a capped elevation knob, locking turrets and the Zeiss Ballistic Stop return to zero feature. They include second focal plane reticles and use a familiar .25MOA click value.

There is not one single feature that makes the V4 standout. What makes this one of the best scopes available is the combination of size, features, and quality construction. Despite its small package you still get big features shooters want.


  • It has a reticle that can be set.
  • It has a well-made turret that can hurt the enemy.
  • It has control systems for lighting that are clear and easy to use.
  • It has a scope mount that works.


  • It can’t zoom in very well.

Choosing The Best Optic For SCAR 17s: What Should You Look For?

The SCAR 17 can be utilized for personal protection, fast target acquisition for medium and long range shooting, or as a designated marksman rifle. What would you like your SCAR 17s optic to have?

1. Magnifying Power

Unlike most assault rifles, the Scar 17 can change from a marksman rifle to an actual battle rifle. This implies users would need a scope such as the ideal AK47 gun scope that lets you change how much you can see through it. Many scar scopes have a magnification power of between 1x to 8x. This is the perfect range of magnification for both close and far-ranging hunting.

2. The Size of the Objective Lens

How luminous a scope is, has much to do with the objective lens. For scar 17, an objective lens of 30 mm or 40 mm range works best. 40 mm is wide enough and lets an illuminated reticle in the scope assist you to see even when it’s dark. So, if users shoot at night or early in the morning, a field of view that is wide enough should be the best. 

3. Built to Withstand Shocks

The Scar 17 has a tricky, partially automated recoil system. The recoil of a scar 17 can be pretty scary. Users need one that can handle the force of the recoil without difficulties. This generally means the best scope is made from aluminum alloy, and an imprinted reticle is best suited for the assault rifle type.


Now that you have seen our choices for the top 7 best scopes for the SCAR 17 it is time to decide which is best for you. For tactical or CQB situations focus on those that are smaller, with lower powers. This will allow you to engage closer targets and add less bulk. If most of your shots will be at medium or long range look for scopes with higher powers, clear glass, and easy-to-use windage/elevation adjustments.

This will provide a clearer picture, letting you better identify far-off targets, and facilitate more precise shots.

Do this and you will find the scope for YOUR SCAR 17. Having the best scope will make shooting more fun.

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