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Top 7 Best Scopes For The Remington Model 700 Reviews 2021

Best Scopes For Remington 700 Reviews 2021
Author Original photos: Brush shooting Australia light rifle long range glass

When the discussion turns to what scope is best suited as applied to a rifle like the Remington Model 700 the subject gets a bit complicated. Here is the deal in a nutshell. I own three Model 700 Remington rifles. All three do a different job and all three are built as short action, long action, and right in between actions.

When you are talking about this short action you are dealing with cartridges like the .223 Rem, 204 Ruger, 243 Winchester and 308 Winchester Even in these different cartridges chambered rifles the Model 700 can mount a bull barrel for bench rest shooting, a very short lightweight “pencil pipe” barrel used for an ultra lightweight carry rifle, or a standard 24” big game pipe, but chambered in the above mentioned cartridges.

Move to the 270 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, or even the 300 Win mag and now you have a Model 700 with a long action design, and now the whole rifle is larger as such.

When these different designed Model 700’s come into service and require glass sights attention is given over to how the rifle will be used. The size of the receiver (length) and cartridge being chambered.

The following are some ideas of mine that deal with matching a best scopes for Remington 700 rifle, but at the same time taking into consideration the fact as to how the rifle is set up and going to be used in the field or on the target range.

Top 7 Best Scopes For Remington 700 Reviews 2021

1. Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52mm Side Focus Riflescope

This scope is built by Leupold as a long range style glass sight. The power settings here range from 4 through 24, with a 53mm objective lens. This means light gathering and also total control over the 1000 yard long range shooting events as well as varmint and ultra long range shooting as well. This scope runs external open turrets side focus adjustments, and an illuminated MOA reticle (Fire Dot)

As I have indicated in many other reviews covering the Leupold product line the scopes are all American built, covered for life by the own in terms of the failure of any kind, make use of glass set lenses not glued, and use high end glass that will not let you down at long range.

This scope is best utilized on a Model 700 Remington with a target grade stock (beaver tail for-end,) or a full size standard stocked long range big game rifle (antelope)

The scope is large, needs to make use of heavy rings and bases, and as such is a better static or slow stalking rifle than a fast carry system overland, or walking rifle for varmint hunting. Reticle type in this case is the Leupold CDS-ZL2 Duplex style.

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective, Second Focal Plane, 30mm Tube Riflescopes

Here we have a rifle scope by Vortex that is cut back greatly in price from the first unit illustrated, carries turrets that are capped and open to zero the sight, and is best applied to again the standard Model 700, or a rifle with short action, but set up for longer range varmints and general hunting. I shoot a Remington Model 700 in .223 that is a heavy target rifle. I shoot it from a bench most of the time and as such, I don’t require any heavy lifting when I take on prairie dogs etc. This scope is a general utility model, and a good starter system or a standard working system when mounted on an eastern states style whitetail rifle.

At 6-24X5- the sight has distance in mind, and makes use of the BDC Dead Hold reticle.

The turret adjustments are MOA calibrated and make use of the zero rest position after makings the correct zero for the scope system being used.

3. Tract Toric 3-15×50 Riflescope w/BDC Reticle Long Range Hunting Optics

I have selected this scope because I use it myself in both the short action full size rifle and the long action rifle chambered in 25-06 Remington. Yes, one scope and set up for two levels of the Model 700. This glass sight is powered a 3-15 x 50 and will cover any hunting needs encountered, and also work well as a 1000 yard sight when applying target loads and chambered long range power levels in ammunition.

I have shot this scope on a Model 700 204 Ruger turkey model I set up year ago and have taken gobblers in the late fall out to 400 yards on the open prairie. Shooting the same rifle and scope I have dusted off coyotes over bait piles in open country to 350 yards consistently.

This scope carries ¼ MOA click for elevation/windage adjustments, resets to a zero stop after initial zeroing, and the scope includes a high profile MOA zero kit for target and long range varmint hunting.  I have switched this scope across a half dozen rifles for mountain hunting, steel target test shooting re new industry loads, and just general walk and stalk hunting. That means rifles that weigh in a 6.5 pounds to 14 pounds have been included here. The scope is versatile, well built, and covered by the manufacture. TRACT is a solid company that builds good equipment for the shooter.

Author Original photos: Coyote hunting 700 rem 22-250 long range over sticks. Big scope big open country

4. Tracto Toric 2 – 10 x 42 RIFLESCOPE W/Impact BDC

As a second option in the TRACT series of rifle glass the 2-10X42 is a solid choice on a Model 700 fox, coyote, or turkey rifle chambered in .223, or 204 Ruger based on my experience. This is a power level scope that fits hunting needs when working called critters or stalking open country for long range targets. I would tend to say that I shoot almost all of my kill shots at or under 8X, and in most cases about 6X much of the time. That makes the 10X  a power house in terms of closing the sub tension down on a warm target at ranges well out to 400 yards.

This scope uses SCHOTT HT glass that fights issues with glint, fade, or rainbow effects at the edges. I shoot this glassto1000 yards using 10x magnification without any issues what so ever. The scope has a lifetime warranty offered by the manufacture.

Flat gray finish that I like for reducing sun glint, and a sold one piece main tube constructed of aircraft grade aluminum.  Included are a high profile turret kit and the zero stop feature after making your preset zero.

In order of good scopes at a fair price with state of the art engineering I would select this scope over many others. It fits the Remington Model 700 as offered in many variants well.

5. Zeiss Conquest V4

This is a 3-12×56 rifle scope using the Zeiss Z- Plex reticle (#20.)  This scope is very well made in the German manufacturing tradition, carries great glass that will hang in there all the way down range to that long distance target, and uses a turret design that is positive regarding return clicks, accurate in terms of zero turn and bullet impact points, and makes use of capped turret adjustments for the rough field hunter. The scope is ideal for use of 700’s that chamber deer hunting rounds, and are rifles that fit the long action, or longer barreled rifles in short action design. (308 / 243.)

The elevation offered in this scope is 25 MOA with a fixed parallax. This is not an ultra long range bullet pushing system, but a solid whitetail hunter’s tool. Simple to zero, stays corrected even in rough field conditions, and is built Tiger tank tough.

Lens quality is outstanding as I shoot their glass in the V6 on several test and field rifles with nothing but great results. This scope is priced right in the dead center range of other offerings in about the same design, but in this case, Zeiss German glass is the key and German construction is a big plus.

6. Bushnell Engage riflescope

Want a scope that is dirt simple, built well and can return a great deal of service for the money spent over the counter? Here is the Bushnell Engage model 3-9X40. The power settings and scope size are old school and a world standard in game rifle glass. Shooting the Model 700 in 308 Win, 7mm 08, or even 243 Win, and others in the short action design will receive this scope well as mounted on the receiver face.

Bushnell is known for giving in the buyer a good product at a fair price. This is a local area of mine mounting scope on the Black Hills high country timber. The scope has an illuminated Multi-X center dot reticle, capped turrets for the snow ladened tree cover and blowing ice storm winds. Zero hold is good, the glass is protected and very clear, and owners all across the country give it high marks as a stay together positive target return system. I have some of the oldest scopes in my inventory here at BR&D with the name Bushnell tacked onto them. No regrets and no replacements either.

7. Trijicon Huron

Trijicon is a brand of scope that is considered ultra high grade in terms of design, materials quality, and creative innovation.

This scope is a base model lacking the battery free illuminated reticle, but carries the other elements that make this a fine glass sight. The glass on these scopes is outstanding and powered at a range from 3-4 through 3-12X40.

There are four different models of this scope ranging from the chopped forward bell to the large higher power range scope for open country deer hunting. The four models of the Huron will cover all the different receiver sizes and cartridge offerings as applied to the Remington Model 700 rifle. This is the most complete brand line that fits the deer hunters needs in this Remington rifle that I have ever found. I shoot the advanced illuminated 3X12 in an upgrade model on my Remington Model 700 heavy barreled rifle chambered in 223 Remington. My system has been up and running for over 25 years. Case closed on this deal for sure.

The Remington Model 700 has been selected by the military over man years and many conflicts as a gold standard in sniper equipment, as chambered in the 308 / 7.62 NATO round. Recently some of these rifles as applied to the US Army have been upgraded to 300 Win Mag, but of late other models and calibers have started to move into the sniper role taking account of advancements in technology. Even so, police departments, military snipers in many countries, and armies rely on the Model 700 as a gold standard go to rifle, she is old school, but retains one pile of history as a combat get the job done riflemen’s shooting system. In most cases, the scope selected for this rifle in a sniper variant is the Leupold MARK IV. This is not an option for the civilian market. I have the Remington based M-24 variant in 7.62 NATO, and the MARK IV scope as a complete sniper setup.

I got into the rifle years before it became off limits to the public. Why was it banned?  Because it was just that good when matched to the Leupold glass. Just a point of interest here and the fact that like several others you can’t beat Leupold optics no way, on no given day. 

Back to the Trijicon Huron, it carries a ¼ MOA click graduated system, eye relief is measured at 3.9 inches, optics are built in the second focal plane (SFF,) and 100 through 40 MOA elevation adjustment are available depending on the exact model selected.

This is a hunter glass sight without question.

Author photos: Remington Super 700 Rem 2010 300 Win Mag military long range sniper rifle. Under test by author for third long range book. Under military loan from Remington arms.  

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