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Top 16 Best Long Range Rifle Scope Reviews For Hunting

Today, the art of shooting the long-range rifle is one of the most practiced shooting sports events.

Best long range scope reviews 2023
Author Orignial Photo: Long range shooting testing with different scopes

Currently, there are a massive number of best scope manufacturers working toward offering the best long range scope system possible. When building a very effective glass sight for long-range shooting , the designers have had to move away from the standard approach. These scopes need to be developed in terms of performance. They need to compete with both the demand and the performance standards of the new best of the best. The new quality standards will mean a higher price point, however.

Good long-range rifle scopes cost money. Some very high-priced parts have gone into them to meet the shooter’s demands. Plan to spend upwards of $2000 or more. You will get a lot for your money, though. These scopes will be able to do the job at 1000 yards , 2000 yards, and even up to one mile away.

A uthor Orignial Photo :Long Range rifle and scope. Different from any other setups in glass sights.

Author Orignial Photo :Long Range rifle and scope. Different from any other setups in glass sights.

Various Kinds of Long-range Scopes

You need to know the models and types of long-range scope presently designed and available for sales in today’s market. This understanding will enable you to select the best one for your needs. Long-range rifle scopes with varying power ratings are more frequent. However, power scopes with fixed power ratings are also available. For long-range shooting, any style will work, but long-range shooters should know what they want before investing in a long range scope.

1. Long-range Scope With Variable Power

Most long-range rifle scopes models on the current market have different optical power ratings. For long range shooting, always check the user’s manual for scopes with a magnifying range that goes over a 10x power rating. These scopes are standard because the authorized body approves them.

2. A Long-range Scope with a Fixed Power

You, as a scope user, can’t change fixed-power long range scope settings, so they have become less common. Though, they are still on sale for the possibility of being light, cheap, and easy to use. These scopes have an optical magnification scale of around  “10x to 12x” and, within a specific field of view, can help you hit your target while still being aware of your surroundings.

3. Scopes With Extremely Long View Range

Extremely long-range scopes are bulky, varying optical power range and a magnification scale of about 7x to 10x. High MOA/MIL modification ranges and high-quality reticles are often found on these rifle scopes. For more than 200 yards away, you can conveniently hit your target even at night vision.

Long-range Scope Characteristics To Consider

In this section, you will understand the essential features to expect from your primary arms’ scope.

Magnification Range

The long-distance scope provides clear footage of prey or target as far as 700 yards which any experienced military officer or hunter will always look out for.

Most long-range shooting will need a scope with at least 10x magnification power, though some have a higher range. 


You must have an accurate optic for long-range shooting. There are at least three most important things to think about there are; controllability, zero retention, and monitoring. If your scope is not set up right, you could miss your target at 850 yards by 5 inches or even more. Accuracy is the most crucial feature in your primary arms.

Visual Translucency

The sight footage from an excellent scope will be apparent, which will help you shoot more accurately. There are four coating levels for optics. They are; coated, fully coated, multicoated, and fully multicoated. The better the glass and lens coatings, the more accessible and accurate the shooter will get; hence, the more expensive the scope.


They have a lot of unique designs and patterns of reticles. A few designs include; Marked out in miles (MRAD), Christmas tree, bullet drop, and grid style reticles. Reticles made in the MRAD style have a crosshair pattern with hash marks along with each post. The Christmas tree reticles are a mix of MRAD reticles and grid reticles. At longer ranges, bullet drops or high-velocity reticles would provide practical significance.

Top 17 Best long range scopes reviews 2023

1. Vortex Optics Razor HD  5-20×50 FFP.

I have not shot this exact model. But the way it is set up makes me think it is a clear candidate for the one-mile shot. These scopes need power. The max 20X magnification of Vortex optic will handle that requirement with ease. The glass is of a quality that target fade should not be an issue. The elevation adjustments are about 19,5 MRADS at one mile should be attainable. If not, the use of a 10-30 MOA rail mount will take care of those issues. Also, try “halving” the turret settings against the sub-tensions through the lens. That will add up to enough elevation adjustment for the shot.

Currently, I am running my Razor on both the Valkyrie and my one-mile 300 PRC Ruger Chassis model long-range rifle. The rifle is new. To date, I have only shot it on area reference military-style targets to 1200 yards. At that range, shooting is almost child’s play in terms of getting DOP calculated and on target. After that I can start crushing the target at ½ mile or better.

This scope retains a massive one-piece aluminum (aircraft grade) 35mm tube. That means big heavy turret springs and parts, as well as lots of elevation adjustment. This scope also retains illuminated optics, and full parallax adjustments through all range settings. Reticle construction is etched glass and built in the FFP as used by most ultra-long-range shooters.

25 MOA travel through one full rotation of elevation adjustments. MAX ELEVATION 125 MOA or 35 MRADS.

2. Vortex Gen II Razor HD FFP.

This second Vortex is the Gen II at 3-18X50. Cut glass reticle special coating on glass surfaces resist scratching or other damage. There are seven options in power and reticle designs. This scope is flexible for the long-range varmint hunter , big game mountain hunter , or steel challenge for the ultra long-range shooter. Pick your sub-tensions, power settings, and hang on as you use this outstanding scope. There is even a wide range of MOA or MRAD turret adjustments available in this solid stretch shooting system.

Author Original photo: Vortex Razor

The reticle is illuminated with zero stop of run-over protection under stress. It is built as a one-piece tube using aircraft-grade aluminum

3. Leica PRS 5-30×56 i Ballistic Riflescope 51200

Leica is a scope that I know from industry events in the Rocky Mountains. Believe me when I tell you that shooting with one of these optical systems was nothing less than spectacular. Using this type of long-range scope paired with Leica’s other range-finding equipment made a guy want to be rich.

This scope is designed for ultra-long-range work. The unit retains very high-capacity turret adjustments for increased elevation when shooting over 1000 yards . It is offered with three different reticles. All are set up in the first focal plane. This scope retains German glass of the very highest quality. The quality shows when sighting an object even a mile downrange. Seeing long-range targets is a major problem when selecting long-range glass sights. The real distances these sights require means that the optical quality must be massively effective. That means the cost is a major consideration. Good glass is not cheap.

The scope includes a sunshade, tools, and cleaning equipment. There is a magnification throw lever, as well as a battery. The sub-tensions are illuminated for low light or no light shooting. The Leica needs no step-by-step introduction. This scope is currently among the best in the world.

4. Swarovski Z3 4-12×50

Swarovski long-range scopes are also among the best in the world. The glass is of great quality. You will be able to pick out a sheep’s head on the next mountain over a deep draw. Also, use it when sighting a 1400 yards steel target and you’re within a point of winning a long-range shooting match.

This scope retains a one-inch tube size. That makes it an easy mount on lower bases and in alignment with the bore of the rifle. This is only one model of the company’s line. There are others that need to be checked out as well. This brand is known for its long-range capabilities and performance standards.

I shot this scope on the .308 Smith & Wesson AE-10 in a high-altitude competition some years ago. Swarovski had scope sub-tensions that matched the very same sub-tensions located in the spotting scope. This was the best of both worlds. The gunner and spotter were always on the same page when viewing the crosshairs and MOA settings on the target.

5. Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24×50

Here is a beast of a scope. It is guaranteed to perform well. The German glass and engineering in this product is hard to beat. There are always sharp edge lines on even soft targets at very long range. The scope also has outstanding sub-tensions through the looking glass. Why do I know this? Because I own the product and shoot it long range to 1500 yards on both the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 300 PRC as offered by Hornady Ammunition.

Setting up area dispersion targets, such as cardboard figures, gun platforms, and additional man targets, helps the supersize learn “area” gunning at the ultra-long-range. This scope is a strongly suggested example of a glass sight for these types of targets. You can also use it as an actual auto in convoy mode or other related long-range shooting events. It will be accurate to as great a distance as one mile or more downrange.

Author original photo: Mossberg Scout with Zeiss scope.

This scope makes use of a full 30mm tube high tactical turret with external adjustments for windage and elevation. The adjustments also carry a wide range of settings for additional elevation at very long ranges.

It is offered in the second focal plane SFF, and retains an illuminated reticle for low light shooting conditions. The turret is designed with a ballistics stop (zero stop) and fully adjustable parallax.

Reticle selection is flexible as well. You need not stay with just one type of sub-tension system.

6. Swarovski Optic 2.4-12X50 Z5BT Series.

Again we return to the Swarovski long-range glass sights. This model retains the BDC adjustable turrets for setting exact range limits. It uses a slim one-inch main tube body and is built like a tank with total waterproof and fog-proof construction. This is a long-range scope. It is still directed more toward the hunter versus the steel or paper target shooter.

However, be advised that this scope will still do the whole deal. This, like another high-end optical system, is a sign that Swarovski’s high-end glass will not distort, go fuzzy on the edges, or make rainbows in the lens.

It is also built in the SFF second focal plane.

7. Tract Toric 3-15×50 Riflescope w/BDC Reticle Long Range Hunting Optics

This scope is set up for the long-range shooter. There is also a bias towards the hunter versus the target shooter. The scope can take on any task in the stretch shooting business. I still feel it is a great choice for the mountain goat hunter, open plains antelope hunter, or ridge to ridge coyote shooter.

Author Original photo: 5007 Author TRACT  Scope

TORIC, as offered by TRACT, makes use of a special SCHOTT HT high transmission lens material. There are a very solid main tube construction, ample turret adjustments for elevation and windage, and long-range shooters sub-tensions (etched glass) all at a very workable price. No shortcuts here. Everything is made of advanced up-to-date design and materials. I shoot this scope on a .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua, .223 Valkyrie , and .300 PRC regarding long-range test work or ballistics measurement research.

8. Nightforce The BEAST 5-25x56mm F1 Long Range

Nightforce’s The BEAST has been tagged as the best long-range scope system. These scopes are top quality. I can attest to that because I was use one of the newer Beast models for a shakedown rifle review in Gun Digest a few years back. This scope is a rifleman’s choice for long-range work. It has clean lens system, detailed sniper grade adjustment settings, ample clicks for elevation adjustment at long range, and built like a Russian tank turret.

The massive 56mm objective lens is a light-gathering monster. The FFP makes this a sniper’s dream when adjusting for a 1000 yard shot as an area weapons system. Using a big cartridge will push energy way out into the next zip code.

Author Original photo: Author Night Force

There are tactical quick adjustment and return turrets, illuminated reticle for low light shooting, and a 34 mm main tube.

This scope is a professional-level glass sight. It is priced at the high end of sighting equipment.

9. Night Force AYACR F1 7-35×56

This 56mm objective lens scope is another professional-grade glass sight. It will do the job even out of a mile or more. Yes, a lot of shooters are shooting one mile today. Some are even working on the three miles shot as I write.

This scope is set up using MRADS in the sub-tension system. That means military-based all the way. I shoot this when I have a choice over MOA settings. I get more elevation with far fewer turns of the turret in the MRAD adjustment range. For this reason alone, this sight appeals to me a great deal. It is less the fact that it is built well. Instead, it uses good glass that will gather light and fight off distortion at 1760 yards. The sight is a go-to class act among long-range rifle shooters and even military/police applications.

10. Bushnell Elite Tactical 4.5030 x 50 G3 Reticle MRADS.

This Bushnell scope is not a toy. It is not a budget glass sight either. I shoot this on a personnel Montana 1999 Mauser in 338 Lapua and have shot my best one-mile record on human targets using this exact scope. If you’re a bad guy even at a mile or more, keep your head down when this outfit comes into play. With a savings of about $1000 and change over other brands, this scope will deliver the mail every time. MRAD sub-tensions through the lens and advanced turret adjustments with zero stop make for easy click advancements when the ranging bullet drop DOPE has been worked out in raw numbers.

This scope won the “King oF The Two Mile Shoot, “shoot and other long-range precision matches. It also does not require the shooter to sell the farm to afford it.

Built with ED prime glass means no edge distortion or fading targets. Solid open one-piece main tube at 33mm and large high capacity turrets provide fast elevation gains at very long-range.

Author Shooting Bushnell / 338 Lapua Long Range.

11. Burris Optics Veracity Rifle Scope.

Bring the price down a bit, but without reducing quality, and you will arrive at this scope. The Burris Veracity is a good example of the best long-range scope for hunting . The scope makes use of bullet drop compensation built-in, 15 MOA elevation alinement each rotation of the turret, and 5-25X50 regarding the reticle size and power settings.

There are three different models to choose from in the FFP configuration. A varmint configuration is available, as is the standard 5X25 sub-tensions or the 5CR reticle. Research each option for details. No matter what you choose, the scope has options for any hunter’s needs. It can be also configured for long-range target shooting.

12. Sig Sauer 5201287 Rifle Scope.

As a second offering in the long-range hunting variant, the Sig 5270 is a possible option. It even keeps the price down to just under a grand.

This scope is set at a 6.5-20X52mm and makes use of the larger 30mm main tube that is a one-piece unit.

The basic scope makes use of the BDX reticle range finding system on all three of its variants. Also, the scope has varied magnification levels on three different models of the scope. Turret settings are established using the 0.25 MOA click settings for detailed zero and sight adjustment for those possible long-range shots. All three models are offered in the second focal plane (SFF.)

Given the price, features, and quality of the German product, these three scopes are good options. They work perfectly as a hunting model scope for general long-range field use. These scopes will handle most current high-performance cartridges as well.

Author Orignial photo: Testing 3 shots

13. Zeiss Conquest V6 5-30X50 ZMOA Reticle BDC Turret.

This scope is a professional-grade long-range optical system. I shoot this on a reference test and with long-range (one Mile) 300 PRC targets. The scope pulls in light. It sends a clear image to the shooter and retains ample turret rotations for the required elevation.

It is built very well to German industry standards. It also uses German ground lenses. This is a top-notch system by any standard. Zeiss offers the scope in the SFF and makes use of the ZMOA sub-tensions in its reticle.

Easy-to-use magnification adjustment, a large eyepiece for fast target acquisition, and ample light-gathering abilities are all included. Be advised, I have the eyes of an 80-year-old shooter. I need all the help I can get when taking out a human torso target at a mile. This scope will do the deal with the correct rifle/cartridge applied. How do I know this? Because we do itall the time here at BR&D research.

14. TRACT TORIC UHD 4-20X50 30mm MOA PRS Long Range riflescope.

Designed in the new age of super long-range shooting, TRACT is becoming known as an outfit that sells very good scopes at fair prices.

These super scopes are designed for long-range applications. Like many others here at my agency, we use TRACT on the .300 PRC, .300 Win Mag’s, and .338 Lapua when running out steel targets from 1400 yards to a full mile downrange. This scope carries ample turret rotations. The lens glass is of high quality. It would not be accurate at 1000 through 1760 yards if that were not the case. Currently, I use TRACT on the “Second Zero” system. For this, I zero the scope for 100 yards and with a flip of a special lens re-zero the scope in real-time to 600 yards. The jump puts me at 100 with an almost dead hold with .338 Lapua ammunition. I would not use this system if I did not trust the scope completely.

The scope is set upon the often requested FFP platform. The Christmas tree-style sub-tensions with a floating center dot make for very accurate aiming. Elevation and windage are set up in MOA clicks at ¼ measurements.

15. Swarovski Z8i 2.3-28X56 BRX-1

Swarovski rifle scopes are among some of the best in the world. This scope has been tested on major long-range shoots, industry events, and over time here at my home range. The glass is some of the best available. The light-gathering ability is beyond belief, even when sighting the head of a mountain marmot at a quarter-mile away.

There are perfect repeat adjustments even at ultra-long ranges. The solid construction will last the shooter a lifetime. It is dependable when competing or just shooting steel for fun. Long-range is the name of the game when this brand of glass sights is involved.

Sub-tensions are illuminated for low-light applications or when weather is unoptimal.

Once you shoot this brand of scope you will know the difference at once. Believe me. I have been there myself.

16. Night Force ATACR 7-35X56mm 34mm tube. FFP.

This scope is set up in MIL tactical turrets. It is a snipers scope with long-range capabilities.

There are focus adjustments left side open tactical turrets for fast elevation and windage changes. This scope carries a full 100 MOA of adjustment range. That means a pile of turret clicks when stretching for the super long-range shot. This scope is a professional-grade product for military and police applications. You could see a variant of this scope in the well-known feature film American Sniper.

Lock this scope into a .408 Chey, .50 BMG, or .338 Lap, and you have one and a half mile or more glass sighting system.

Long-range Scopes FAQs

We are here to help you with any questions you may have.

What Magnification Range Do You Need For Long-range Shooting?

The best long-range scope should have a powerful magnification range of about 5x to 20x, depending entirely on the caliber and how you plan to use it. This scope should have enough light transmission, power, and other requirements for any long-range shooting task.

What is an Excellent Long-range Rifle Scope?

A long range rifle scope must have a clear vision and enable an accurate aim at the target regardless of the distance. Good eye relief is a significant feature when choosing the best long range Scope. Most long-distance shooters should determine a reliable scope with an elevation turret of about 6x to 24x; a marked out of mile (MRAD), or a grid design reticle with fully coated lenses and on a first focal plane.

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