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Best ACOG Scopes Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Best ACOG scopes reviews and testing

What you need to know about ACOG scopes

There was a point about 30 or so years ago when the US Army took a hard look at the number of rounds fired in comparison to what damage was going done to enemy targets. The results of that study were horrifying. Hundreds if not thousands of rounds had been waterboarding r a single enemy casualty. By the time America got itself involved in the middle easter mess, thinking had changed regarding the type of sight being used in the field. Enter the new ACOG development in combat optical systems.

As is always the case in the business of guns and gun equipment when the military makes a move so will the industry outside the military. Now the ACOG had become paired with the police agency’s, and also the civilian shooting market as well. ACOG was big and big enough in fact that it had taken the whole industry by storm. That being stated what is an ACOG sight, and why is it so different and effective when compared to other sights, being the tools of the day when this glass electric sight came into existence.

What Advantages Do the Best ACOGs Offer Us?

If you buy ACOG optics, there are a lot of benefits you can take advantage of. The All India Manufacturers’ Organisation (AIM-O) model of the ACOG scope has been a top choice for most individuals all over the globe. Below are some of the most important ones that Indian organization offers:

  1. The army has certified that these scopes are as durable as any other on the market.
  2. You can conveniently shoot down a target acquisition. Its accuracy rate is top-notch.
  3. You don’t have to fret about replacing these scopes (any models) because they are so efficient.
  4. They don’t weigh much, so you shouldn’t have trouble transporting them.
  5. The height of these scopes can be changed, and their settings can also be adjusted.
  6. The AOG scopes are highly resistant to shock and water. Also, you don’t have to think twice when using it in damp weather since the best ACOG model is resistant to weather effects.

The Best ACOG Scope’s Uses

There are many ways to use an ACOG scope. Understanding this will let you know the one that suits your needs. Many hunting, war, and combat games do use the ACOG scope. They give the users more help and skill in mid-range battles, giving them a better chance of beating their enemy. It is also used for training events for accuracy testing.

By reviewing a list of the best scope via this review you will see what the sight is all about and when considering one of them exactly what to look for in terms of product offerings when applied to the everyday shooter, or professional competitive gunner or hunter as well.

Top 7 Best ACOG Scopes detail reviews:

1. Trijicon ACOG 4 x 32 

This is a classic example do the modern ACOG battle sight system and it applies to markets outside the military as well. I shoot this very sight as applied to Smith & Wesson AR-15 Tactical carbine. The sight was issued to me years ago by Trijicon, the primary developer of the ACOG combat sighting system. This sight as the heading suggests retains the chevron style sub tensions The back lighted marks are stacked in a line dropping down for the center hole point of the scopes zero. Each of the chevrons has a range listed to the left OT the graphic. Based on the .223 NATO round all the shooter needs to do is estimate the range of the target, pull up to that selected and indicated chevron, then send a round down range. If the hold is solid the trigger work is clean the target is going to take a hit. End of story right there and then.

The sight like all Trijicon sights uses not battery power but generates its own from available light and also stores these energies for use at night as well. The light generating system is good for many years of service. I have had my sight for over 20 years to date and took a deer with the rifle and sight just this last year. I shoot and also run a check of my system every few months. This is a suppressed combat setup and designed for protection and general use here on my mountain top home in the western South Dakota Black Hills. The bottom line is that I completely trust my ACOG as a get the job done defensive and meat getting system when required.

The 4×32 ACOG is a single power setting sight, and if the system has any drawbacks it is the fact that it is range specific, and that means close to medium distances. I have taken coyotes with mine as well as fall turkeys on open range lands to 300 yards, but I would not want to push much further as the sight is best used inside that indicated distance.

The ACOG listed here is built of heavy aluminum casting been compact this construction method is possible. Aluminum grade is 7575-T16, which makes for an industrialist exterior housing.

Shooting an ACOG can be accomplished by keeping both eyes open. This allows for good depth perception and the ability to pick targets entering from the peripheral.

Adjust the zero follow the ranging system etched into the illuminated reticle and go to work. According to a good friend Major Adam Ziegler, US Army retired, and a combat veteran as well, that spent a great deal of time in the middle eastern theater indicated that this exact sight was by the US Marine Corps, while most US Army units used a single point red dot sight, but still built in the basic ACOG design. In general, the Marines considered themselves the better riflemen of the battle field. Just note as a point of interest here.

Over one million of these glass sights have been manufactured to date. Only currently has a replacement system been authorized by the US Army, that being a 1X6 rifle scope built by Sig Arms.

2. Trijicon ACOG TAO1-D=10031 4×32 Tritium Only .

This center illuminated amber crosshair .223 reticle is set up on the point sight line, red at night black during the day. This scope carries the ring system per 100 yard increments to 600 yards.

Battery less operation as is the case with all of the Trijicon systems, this sight is yet another variant of the ACOG sighting system. The housing on this scope carries the added short receiver close range sight, retains the full built in scope mount to be used with the Weaber rail system. (military standard, ) and stands as a true combat rated and testing optic.

One piece heavy cast aluminum housing designed for combat conditions, and set up for the short receiver M-16/ AR-15 class weapons systems.

3. Trijicon TAO2-C-100432 ACOG 4x32mm LED.

This scope is an ACOG system that carries an LED illuminated 40mm Green 300 Blackout Crosshair reticle with a YZ51 mount.

This is set up for the 300 Blackout cartridge. This cartridge was developed around an answer to a Russian variant applied to the AK 47 pistol re entry and general urban close range use. The Blackout round is still the basic .233/556 NATO case, but up-gunned to a 30 caliber bullet. I call the whole thing to follow the Russian weapons development in this case. I shot this round and weapon as a prototype at Remington during its early years of introductory into the firearms world. Here is the sight Trijicon set up to meet the needs of the AAC Blackout cartridge.

Blackout was also set up as a suppressed weapon, and at that point, I did shoot this rifle full auto and suppressed. The ACOG reticle was a good choice for the weapon as it was originally designed. Is this sight ore about the cartridge being used or the sight. In this case, it is about the ammunition as the sight is for the most part ACOG based.

4. Trijicon TA50-c-400235 ACOG 3x24mm Compact Loe Height 40mm

This sight is an ACOG developed expressly for the Russian AK47 and rightly so. This rifle is the most produced rifle ever made across the planet earth. Shooters using this rifle were entitled to an ACOG of their own that was set in a ballistic reticle designed to take on the Russian 7.62X39 cartridge. Much superior to the .223 556 NATO in many ways the ACOG in this case makes for a far better sight system than that found on the rifle as a factory built combat rifle any place in the world.

This glass sight at 3x magnification retains the 24mm objective and shooting with both eyes open gives the shooter a good slight window on moving shots or something that pops into view unexpectedly.

As a tritium sight powered system the sight is good for a very long time. I have them in use here with over 25 years on them and they still work just fine. This system is so good with such a great military history behind it that Trijicon is building full-size rifle scopes using the same power source on a very small dot center mark on the crosshairs. I have shot their system in competition to 1000 yards with deadly accurate results.

Special manufactures mounts are required when mounting this sight on the Ak 47 rifle. I have reworked the sights on several AK’s and I have found that mounting to the rear sight platform is required in that the dust cover mounts will shift on the Ak 47, and that means a very poor zero and sight hold. Contact Trijicon for more information on the sight mounting designs for this glass optics system. The sight is graduated for ranging by way of the Russian ball 123-grain bullet. (Russian military standard.)

5. ACOG 1.5 x 16 Ring and Dot Reticle

This scope is built with a short M-16 housing and set up for the IS Army 556 NATO chambered carbine. The scope uses the ring and dot versus the ranging systems found on the previous glass sights This according to my sources is the primary style used by the US Army currently, or at least until the chopped bell scopes take over the task at hand.

This is a smaller version of an ACOG, and all the inner guts are the same as the large variants. Also like the other models the topical quality of the objective lens is outstanding. It has to be that because a whole lot of ground pounding infantry depend on it to stay alive.

I like this scope because it is punt and save for an occasional lens cleaning the sight just keeps running day or night forever. My sights as mounted have never been re zeroed after the first turn of the adjustment knobs.

The field of view at 1.5 X16 with this scope can grab more area down range at one time. Less sweeping for targets and more time on existing and incoming threats. or in my case coyotes, badger, deer, and turkeys. Got to love a good plan when it comes together.

6. ACOG 1.5 x 24 Scope Dual illuminated reticle crosshair

This Trijicon ACOG is a more to the old school crosshair design and for some of us that have been trained from birth with these systems the ease of use is automatic. The duel color crosshairs by selection make this scope hunter friendly when used in any lighting conditions. The crosshairs are black in natural light and can be activated when required during low light conditions. This is a scope with again great target acquisition capabilities, and also built like a Russian tank hull for a lifetime of hard driving field use.

All the Trijicon scopes I have listed here basically run off the same core design, but have special features that applied to different rifles and ammunition. Sub tensions are varied and for good reason. When checking these sight out take time to study them with care because there are settle differences in each of them even though they may look a great deal alike.

7. Crushunt 4X32 Scope

This scope is out of the Trijicon ACOG group and into other brands that came about when emulating the primary military system as developed and branded by Trijicon.

This scope is much less expensive, uses the same overall pattern in terms of size and appearance/ This scope is designed for the standard Weaver-style rail, (20mm ), and is waterproof and shock proof in terms of construction. The fixed power setting makes this a simple scope in terms of internals.

The scope uses the same power sources as ACOG scopes, and never requires charging or batteries. The sub tensions in the scope are set up as a ranging system somewhat like the previous scopes. Windage and elevation adjustments are ½ MOA. Lens surfaces are coated for protection, and the main scope housing is cast aluminum.

ACOG scope testing


1. What’s so Good about ACOG Scopes?

The ACOG scope is unique because it gives the user greater precision and helps them find the target from an extended range of view. Its fixed magnification power is 1.25x to 6x, offering perfect clear screen footage.

2. Do ACOGs Work in the Dark?

They work in the dark since they are built with phosphors that light up the reticle and render it fluoresce.

3. Is ACOG Better Off Than Red Dot?

The ACOG is your best option, no matter how far away the target is from you. They are made with a multi-coated lens which helps magnify a set target. The red dot helps you shoot at a close distance. Both are perfect and precise, but what the users see depends on their distance from the target. This makes ACOG better.

4. What is a Replica Oo ACOG?

An ACOG replica is a scope designed to look like the classic Trijicon ACOG scope.

5. How Long Does an ACOG Go On

Most ACOGs don’t need battery packs to illuminate the reticle because they are made so that the radioactivity of tritium lights up phosphors inside the device. The lighting condition from the tritium will work for ten to fifteen years.

6. What s the Magnifying Capacity of an ACOG Scope?

The American company Trijicon makes a line of telescopic reflex sight called ACOG, which stands for “Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight.”  This company designs various ACOG models using the best scopes like the BAC rifle scope, prism scope, and tactical scope to meet multiple needs. The rear sights of most of these ACOG models are magnified. Most of their scopes have a 3x to 6x fixed magnification power, meaning any object seen through the screen within the field of view will look three to six times larger than the original object.

7. Is Eotech Preferable to ACOG?

Regarding reliability and durability, ACOG has the edge over other brands. You get a better glass, a vortex optic, more alternatives for adjustable magnification, and dual illumination that lasts longer than EOTech. In specific instances, ACOG gives you a guarantee that lasts your whole life. In this instance, if your rifle combat optic breaks or stops working, the company can easily make a replacement.

8. How Precise is an ACOG?

If you’re ready to sacrifice specific eye relief for a wider visual field and better-magnified optic, the 4 X 32 scope is the right ACOG for you. Best ACOG scopes uses a BDC reticle with an average 35mm objective lens and 3X to 6X fixed magnification power. The ACOG 1.5 x 16 Ring and Dot Reticle has a  15 X 16 field of view, making it cover a wide range of areas at once.

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