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{Top 7} Best 1-8x Power Rifle Scopes Reviews from Experts 2023

best 1-8x scopes reviews
Author Original photos: Testing TruGlo 1-8 24mm

When the shooter moves into the power range of a 1-8x rifle scope, they need to consider the range and target identification capabilities.

Shooting with the 8x scope can also bring on some issues uncommon with lower-powered optics . HIgh-powered optics allow you to shoot long ranges . But, the target can start to fade. Edge definition can also begin to fail due to the scope’s inability to handle available lighting conditions. Even color fade that blinds the shooter can take place.

Remember the following: When the range is extended, the shooter needs to rely on better grade glass, internal components, and a higher grade glass sight. Anything less means you won’t get as effective results. One day with a certain lighting condition everything can look just great. On the next day, however, a change in light at long range can mean you are shooting almost blind. Believe me. I have shot just about everything that carries a metal tube and a piece of glass with crosshairs. While some would say quality only goes so far. They are dead wrong. You’re going to get exactly what you pay for. A lower priced scope will decrease your effective range big time.

In most cases, 1 8x scope designs are best associated with the AR-10 platform . In many cases, the 1-8x scope design makes use of the chopped forward bell to save weight and length. It carries the larger 30mm scope main tube to house all the core components. What about these scopes being used on other weapons systems? It can be done. I shoot the 1-8x TruGlo on my specialized turkey and deer shotguns. I also test guns in the development of new ammunition within the industry. When in use, I can simply fire a test pattern or go turn up my power to 8X and study the results. Below you will find reviews of my picks for the top 7 best 1-8x power rifle scopes.

{Top 7} Best 1-8x Power Rifle Scopes Reviews

1. Primary arms, SLX 1-8×24

The first scope up for review here is the Primary Arms SLX 1-8×24.

This scope is built in the 1-8x power setting. It carries the second focal plane scope design. The reticle is the ACSS standard crosshair. It is calibrated for the .556 and . 308 Win . The ACSS reticle combines the use of BDC holding points for elevation adjustments, wind hold, and ranging estimation. These can also be a function of the sub-tensions built into the scope.

The sub-tensions carry partial red illumination. There are 11 brightness settings to select from. That means taking command of lighting conditions both morning and evening. The illumination system works off the very common CR2932 battery.

The scope is water resistant and fog proof. It carries a lifetime warranty for defects and materials. The effective range regarding of this unit is 800 yards.

2. TruGlo 1-8x 24mm

The TruGlo 1-8x 24mm power scope amounts to a 1-6x power scope on steroids. I shoot this exact scope currently. The system has been a joy to take into the field or on the test range. I have been especially pleased with the illuminated reticle that covers the center point of the sub-tension display.

The large, easy-to-read turret knobs are fast and effective for elevation adjustments. The scope uses the 30mm tube. It is sold as an installed ring and Weaver base system.

I have had no problems with this 8x setup since I began using it seven months ago. I have tested it with game loads in 12 gauge 3-inch magnum developed with the new pure tungsten shot. These do not have a forgiving recoil. The optic has taken them on without issue at all.

The optic has a throw lever. It has an easy to adjust focus adjustments. And there is a left side adjustment knob for changing the illumination display.

Battery install is very quick and simple. It uses a standard size easy-to-obtain battery. Simply open the cap on the illumination knob and install the battery straight into the retainer bed.

3. Leupold MARK 8 1-8 power scope.

This scope is the third generation of the scope designed by Leupold. This is a professional-grade product. It was built to very exacting standards. The glass in this optic is exceptional. It will fight target fade, rainbow effects on the edges, and the negative elements of light control.

The reticle in this scope is 15 percent brighter than most others. Also, the scope retains different intensity settings with a redesigned user-friendly interface.

This scope is an outstanding choice for use on the AR-10 style rifle , carbines, or scout rifles with full length Weaver rails.

The field-of-view is ample at low magnification range. The diamond-coated lens surface will protect against anything that can scratch the glass.

The turret house makes use of twin bias spring erectors. This generates 30 percent more holding force against the erector. It will eliminate backlash and additional stress on the scope’s internal parts.

This gold ring scope is ahead of the class in terms of quality, construction, and lifetime use capabilities.

Sub-tensions are based on the “Christmas tree “style reticle. They allow the shooter to advance elevation through the lens instead of using turret adjusts. I shoot several Leupold scopes and completely recommend this scope.

4. Bushnell 1-8×24

This Bushnell scope is a big upgrade from the first level 1-4 x in the Ar series. This scope is also like other Bushnell products in that it gives you a lot for your buck. Its price range is very workable at any level. Bushnell builds quality products with a working man price tag. With a scope mount Bushnell 1 8x scope will perform.

At 9.4X3.25X3 inches, this best scope is a standard size. It is best tacked onto the receiver of an Ar-style weapon. The 8x magnification will allow this glass sight to work well on the AR-10. That rifle makes use of larger cartridge selections. You can also use the scope on the AR-15 when cartridges like the new .224 Valkyrie is chambered. Either way, the 8X stands apart from other Bushnell models I have reviewed.

This scope uses the large throw handle for changing magnification on the fly. It has capped turrets for protection. It is just a step away from military tactical scopes. Finally, it retains a solid hard surface treatment that will fight exterior damage.

Bushnell uses glass that will control light and produce quality sight pictures at varied ranges.

The installed BDC reticle allows the shooter to make fast elevation changes on the fly. This is a very popular reticle for a glass sight.

If you want an illuminated system, it is also available from Bushnell in this 8x model.

5. Trijicon Credo 1-8×28 FFP rifle scope.

This is an advanced series scope for professional use. Military, police, or high-level target steel target games participants will all love this scope. The scope is installed with both a red and green illuminated reticle. That reticle is marked in MRADS versus MOA graduations. This is a military standard among many sniper units.

This scope makes use of variable LED brightness settings. That means it is equipped with on-off positions between each brightness level. The scope can adapt to any lighting or advanced ranging situation.

This tactical scope system is built to fight wars and bad guys in back alleys. Trijicon has been manufacturing war-fighting glass for many years. This AR-style scope is a prime example of all their eggs being put into one basket.

The open turret windage and elevation adjustments make this a trouble-free, change-on-the-fly sighting system. Built of high-grade aluminum, the scope will take rough use in the field. It is professional-grade for commercial hog hunters, coyote killers using calls, and other related outdoor types.

The zero stop setting goes from basic zero to advanced settings and back again. It has also been developed to military standards across the board. This is no low-budget system. It is professional-grade. It will work well for you across the total spectrum of the shooting event.

6. NightForce NX8 1-8×24 F1

This Night Force scope is a high-grade glass sight. It has the tech background of Nightforce in its design. The scope is pushing to the 8x range. That means it is workable to 800 plus yards .

Night Force regards the reticle as ” intelligent.” The system retains a day-night visible center. That means the reticle will adjust for range. They also retain an enlarged red dot center point. It matches the increased size of the target as the power increases. This largely due to the install of the FFP scope (first focal plane scope). This Nightforce scope is a military tactical scope design of the first order.

It also seems that this scope is offered with the MRAD sub-tension display or the MOA display. That gives it a very high level of flexibility. I happen to be an MRAD guy when trying long range shooting. A few clicks and I am right there. That is better than spinning the daylights out of a turret setting.

The NightForce scope illustrated here is a 30mm scope design. It is made of high-quality products, including high-grade aluminum. It is fully designed for tactical scopes field applications.

The scope adjustments are a 2/10 Mil-Radian or ½ MOA graduations. The turrets are set high for easy use in difficult situations. The turret also retains the zero stop setting. That allows it to retain control of over travel when returning to the zero settings.

In the past, I have shot NightForce on industry writing assignments . I have found the scopes to be built well. They control light effectively. Additionally, they remain repeatable by holding the correct zero with advancing rotations of the turret settings.

7. US Optics TS 1-8×24

We’re to the final scope on my list. It is a solid middle-of-the-road model in terms of price. The scope has advanced features. These include a 3 MOA red Dot reticle housed in the almost standard 30mm tube housing.

The turret adjustments are 0.25 MOA. They allow for the precision targeting of a subject. Both windage and elevation are set up to a full 100 MOA.

The scope retains adjustable levels of brightness. The turrets are capped. That makes it a good choice for hunters working in varied field conditions.

This scope is best set to the AR 15-10 receiver patterns. That rifle is not required, though. You can also attach it to carbine length rifles and related tactical assault style weapons.

Advantages of Owning a 1-8x Power Rifle

A 1-8x Power Rifle is a gun that can easily shoot far distances. There are several advantages to owning a 1-8x Power Rifle. They include:

1. To Make you Feel Safer

With the crime rate today, owning a rifle is crucial to ensuring your safety. People naturally feel more secure when they have a rifle ready for action. So, the issue of break and entry is less scary when you have your rifle, making you feel less in danger. 

Also, when there is a public crisis, your loaded rifle can make you feel safer as long as you know how to shoot accurately and fast. The sense of peace and security you can derive from owning a rifle is priceless.

2. To Upgrade Your Motor Skills

After buying a 1-8x Power Rifle, you need to learn how to use it properly. Over time, you will realize that you have better motor skills with more physical discipline. To efficiently and effectively use a rifle, you have good eye-hand coordination skills that improve your motor skills. You will realize that you are more in connection with your surroundings, making you easily make quick decisions when needed.

Other importance of these skills is typically applied in our daily activities. Once you carefully observe, you will discover an upgrade in your abilities.

3. It Helps You Discover a Fun Hobby

People buy a 1-8x Power Rifle for different purposes. Even though, for most people, it is to ensure safety. For many, using this rifle soon becomes their hobby as they spend most of their free time shooting at a range to improve their skills. 

Some people even improve their shot by competing with friends or themselves at a range. It helps to keep track of improvements from the last time you visited the range, however small they may be. 

4. Stress Reliever

Some people have discovered that they encounter lesser stress when they shoot a gun. It is a means of blowing off some steam for those sets of people but in a more controlled environment.

5. Places You on a More Even Playing Field

There are several cases where people feel intimidated and unsafe around certain people, but that changed after purchasing their 1-8x Power Rifle. In a case where they are thinking of carrying out a physical assault, seeing a licensed gun usually makes these assaulters change their attitude.

6. It Can Serve as a Source of Food

It is easy to put food on your table by hunting down animals with your rifle. Many hunters have used this method to feed their families countless times. However, you must possess the necessary skills required for hunting to avoid putting yourself in danger. Also, you need to master shooting your riflescope to do this, especially as this riflescope is more functional for shooting far distances.

FAQs on 1-8x Power Rifle Scope Review

1. What is a good range for 1-8x Power Rifle?

A good range for 1-8x Power Rifle is about 300-500 yards. It offers you an extra 2x magnification range with 1x magnification setting. However, they are not an excellent choice for very short ranges.

2. What is the meaning of 8x in ‘1-8x Power Rifle’?

The 8x in ‘1-8x Power Rifle’ means ‘8 power’ or 8 times magnification setting. It also means that it is 8 times bigger than what your naked eye can see. The magnification scope is fixed.

3. What is an advantage of a 1-8x Power Rifle?

It gives you 2 times higher magnification, which permits target shooting at long range distances. Also, the glass quality of 1-8x Power Rifle is better than that of 1-6x Power Rifle.

L.P Brezny has been writing and reviewing product as well as how to projects for the past 50 years. He has authored four books on shooting with three on long range, and one covering shotgunning. With 26 years on a metro police department as a street officer and the rank of SGT / training L.P. has covered all the bases regarding weapons and street survival.

During the early years in non-toxic shotshell ammunition development L.P. designed the first successful measurement system for recording the speed of shot shell payloads down range. He was responsible for getting actual shotshell velocities printed on factory load boxes. Over the years he has developed and markets MetroGun System TM, and sells his designed ammunition for subsonic sound suppressed shotgun shooting.

Current L.P. resides in the South Dakota Black Hills and spends a good deal of time working through many types of ammunition both in the field on warm targets. With ultra long range shooting being a current specialty L.P. shots for test and accuracy at ranges as great as one or more miles on the wide open Dakota grasslands.

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