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{TOp 7} Best 1-6x Rifle Scopes Reviews and Guide 2022

The 1-6x rifle scope is a short bell housing military-grade glass sight. It is usually set up for the AR 10/15 series rifles and other related weapons systems. Why? Because the US Army has now adapted this power setting as an advanced generation of glass sights. The popularity of the ACOG is diminishing in favor of a 1-6x scope developed by Sig Arms.

Best 1-6x Rifle Scopes Reviews

{TOp 7} Best 1-6x Rifle Scopes Reviews and Guide 2022

1. Monstrum G3 1-6×24

Right off the bat, we have a scope sight that is almost classic. Its design is modeled by many 1-6x power glass sights today. The scope is built with large and easy-to-use open turrets. It has a chopped bell forward. That reduces its weight and contains the primary tube unit. It is also differed in the first focal plane FFP.

The scope has full illumination capabilities. There are three brightness settings. The illumination is housed in a large 30mm main tube body built of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The package includes a set of Weaver-style scope rings, a honeycomb filter sunshade, and flip up lens covers.

It is priced in the midrange. That makes it a good buy for the occasional or entry level shooter.

This scope is patterned after the new US Army style 1-6x just being released.

The G3 reticle is set up with full one MOA hash marks. The marks stay the same regardless of power settings., This is due to the FFP system being used in the sub-tension viewing surface.

Weight is one pound. Length is 10.7 inches. And the eye relief is 4.5 inches.

2. Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24

Here we have a second combat-style scope that is mounted on the 24mm main housing. It carries full Illumination in red with eleven different power settings. It also runs off a common CR2032 battery.

Built in the second focal plane SFP, this is a hunter’s model scope. It lacks the military FFP adaptation used in combat field glass. The scope’s ACSS reticle provides positive hash mark settings for estimating target range. It is capable of making positive sight firing solutions by way of the .223 Rem or .308 Winchester cartridges.

This AR-style system is set up as a great short receiver scope in both the AR-15 and the AR-10 rifles. Other rifles do apply. However, the best setups are for those short receiver models and some carbines.

The scope is built using 6063 aluminum. It has a one-piece tube design. The whole unit is waterproof and fog-resistant as well. As such, the scope retains a full lifetime warranty.

Pricing on this scope is in the easy-to-afford mid-range. Again, the unit is best applied to entry-level shooters.

BDC reticle system for ranging and wind deflection. Regarding the SLX Primary Arms glass sights.

3. TruGlo Dual-Color illuminated.

TruGlo is used by my company for a great deal of testing. We use the HUD display scopes, red dot tube scopes, and standard illuminated advanced sub-tension hunting scopes. I use TruGlo because they last and are flexible. The scope featured here is the TruGlo Dual-Color system in the 1-6x24mm objective.

Built like many other chopped bell housing models, this scope is quite large. It carries large open turret adjustment MOA click knobs. It has a light control system. There is also a complete Weaver-style set of scope mounts and rings installed.

I like these scopes because they make a day at the range easy. Running chronograph equipment, changing out targets, or running ballistics calculation with hard data takes time and energy. A scope that gives you trouble only adds to the day’s issues. My TruGlo units don’t get in the way. They just allow me to send the mail downrange day after day.

The Tru-Brite 30 Series can be obtained as a 1-6x or a 1-4x power unit. The 1-6x is a longer range scope for shooting loads like the .308 Winchester or .243 Winchester. The system is a good install on slug guns or on your AR-15.

Turret settings are easy to see and handle. The clicks are solid stop points when adjusting for elevation or windage.

The turret elements use a leaf spring design. That means the scope turrets will handle rotation for a very long time without experiencing timing failure.

4. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II

This is a 1-6×24 tactical model rifle scope. It is similar to the military variant expected to be used by the US Army soon. The scope is built in the SFP. It uses laser-etched turret graduations for lens sight adjustment. The matching turret knobs are exposed. Yet, they are in a low profile at the same time. You can use them for zero stop for fast dead on zero return settings. It also has an open unclutters sub-tension surface.

There is very high grade glass for solid light control. It is built field tough for water and dust resistance. This is a possible option for a small police department as well.

Again, this brand is used here at Ballistics Research & Development on several long-range rifles. To date they have performed very well.

It is O-ring sealed and built of high-grade aluminum.

The turret adjustments are set up in MRAD graduations. That means fast elevation changes with a low number of clicks. The turret will adjust to a full 20 MRADs. That system requires three times the number of clicks when using MOA settings.

The maximum rotation for total elevation adjustment is 46 MRADs. That will take a .308 bullet well past the 6x’s capacity. Fine adjustments can be made at .2 MRADS as mid-click points to the full 3.6” bullet impact movement during dead-on zeroing at 100 yards.

5. Sig Sauer Tango6T 1-6x24mm

Sig Sauer has been selected to build the new TANGO-style rifle scopes replacing the US military’s ACOG sights. The scope reviewed here is the civilian model. It is a bit different than the military scope. Still, the scope is Sig in terms of its guts and construction. It even has lots of advanced features built into this smaller AR-15 AR-10 class rifle scope.

Over the years I have taken more game with the 6x power setting than any other. This is because it is a good fit for both off-hand control and shooting from some type of rest. It is long range enough for the tough shots. Yet, it is steady as a rock for a good target weld and hold. Don’t kid yourself. The US Army did a pile of research before settling on the new Sig 1-6x TANGO6T scopes.

The lens in this scope is a precision-molded aspheric system. It is state-of-the-art according to the manufacturer. The scope lens will not scratch. It is lightweight. It also aids in creating a sharp focus on targeted subjects.

The lock down zero system provides fast return to a correct baseline zeroing. It will eliminate over travel on the correct zero under field stress.

The scope uses the “ Limatic” display. This is considered by the manufacturer to be the most advanced on the market today. It uses an OLED (organic light-emitting diode). The display provides very high levels of brightness. There is great light control overall.

The scope retains the Sig Sauer Lightwave DSP systems. They are a detailed system to target an object up to a mile away and provide a clear image for the shot.

The scope retains the Sig “Hellfire” reticle that is illuminated using very advanced fiber-optic technology. The light point at the center of the sub-tension will vary according to shooter needs. It does so by way of IR (infrared) systems. It is designed to take on all manner of targeting obstacles

The battery used is a nonstandard (mil-spec). The tube size is 30mm and uses those rings for mounting. The system is built in the first focal plane FFP. It also has the advanced DWLR6 reticle. This unit is designed for professional applications such as police or military.

6. Bushnell 1-6×24 AR Optics.

Weighing in at 1.8 pounds, this cut bell military style 1-6x by Bushnell is a solid glass sight. It also has a working man’s price tag. Bushnell is a top gun producer. Some of the oldest scopes in my inventory are Bushnell and for good reason. They work and work well.

The scope is built of aluminum in a high grade and gauge. It retains illuminated sub-tensions that are set up in the BDC reticle pattern. Its sub-tensions are also pre-calibrated for the .223 Remington round. This is the AR series in Bushnell scopes. It is very popular among AR-15 shooters today.

This scope is offered in the second focal plane SFP. It is built to handle low light performance using current illumination standards. The BDC reticle will allow the shooter to adjust for bullet drop out to 500 yards. Both 55-grain and the military’s 62-grain bullets are ballistics loaded into the sub-tension.

The scope retains a fold away throw down arm to use for power adjustments on the fly. The capped turret settings will provide 6 mil variances in elevation per revolution.

It is affordable, tough as nails, and upholds Bushnell’s history of excellence. This scope is an excellent option when selecting a 1-6x for use on an AR or any short to medium receiver length rifle.

7. VT1-6×24 FFP

The VT Sniper is the last of my list of 1-6x scopes.

This scope is offered in the first focal plane FFP. It retains both the red and green dot reticle illumination. Sub-tensions are set up in mil-dot patterns for fast elevation adjustment or wind correction.

The scope is built on a 30 mm tube housing with an eye relief of 3.9 inches. Scope turret housing is designed in the open style. it has clear white figures for quick range adjustments. A fast throw lever is installed for magnification changes. Weaver style rings are also installed.

For the price, the scope should be considered a starter system only. Current pricing says you’re going to get what you’re paying for. This is a low cost glass sight. I’ve included it here to ensure my review included a wide range of products.

I have not used this model. As such, I can not verify any level of its quality or performance.

The 1-6x scope is a model that has many offerings on the market today. Its uses range from professional grade to airsoft models and paintball games. Overall, though, the scope is popular largely due to its adaptation with the AR-15 gunning platforms.

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