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{Top 7} Best 1-4x rifle Scopes Reviews and Guides 2022

In most cases, the use of the basic 1-4x power riflescope is reserved for specific uses. These include three gun special target events, law enforcement, and general use.

The housings that retain this power setting scope can be somewhat smaller than many others. That means the chopped style for end bell housing is missing from many models. This type of scope is natural for installation on short receiver designs, like those found in the AR-15 style rifles.

In most cases at my tested and development agency, I shoot the straight 4X scope with handguns. The 1-4x can be moved into this class of firearm application as well. Just recently I used a scope from Leupold. I was offered the straight 4X or a variable in the same basic configuration.

Best 1-4x rifle Scopes reviews 2022
Author Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Magnum and the Leupold 4X handgun model scope.

Top 7 Best 1-4x rifle Scopes Reviews and Guides 2022

1. Barska 1-4X28 IR Hunting Scope.

Here we have an installed bell design. But it is slightly reduced in size. The scope retains the ½ MOA adjustments at the open turret settings (clicks). It also has a tube size of 30mm. That makes it more on the robust side.

The scope is illuminated. It uses a mil-dot system etched into the glass reticle.

Lock windage and elevation, like zero stop, are also designed into the turret settings. The illumination feature retains both red and green color options. The scope is a basic SWAT-style urban combat model with hunting overtones as well.

Barska offers this scope in seven different configurations. That means there are different reticle designs, power settings, and price ranges. You could say that Barska has a real handle on the 1-4x power scope market. This is a good option to consider before buying a new low-powered glass for your rifle or shotgun.

2. Monstrum, G2 1-4X24 FFP.

Here we have a military-style FFP model 1-4x glass sight. It is filled with the good stuff. The scope is a complete package. It retains a full set of Weaver-style bases and rings. They make install very fast right out of the box.

This scope is built using aircraft-grade aluminum. It offers open turrets for fast and accurate elevation or windage changes. It also makes use of the military-style FFP reticle.

There is easy-to-read BDC designed ranging data viewing through the lens. The scope is also illuminated for both day night shooting. The battery type is CR2032.

The scope length is 9.6 inches. It has a weight of 1.0 lbs. Overall, it is a solid fit for tactical weapons systems or light hunting rifles. There are currently six variants of this scope offered by the manufacturer.

3. Mueller Speed Shot 1-4x24mm.

This scope retains a larger 30mm main tube. There are also large target-style capped turrets with ½ MOA click graduations. You will get 3.5 inches of eye relief and a fast focus sys piece. The illuminated 4 MOA dot reticle has no crosshairs. It pulls targets fast with accuracy. The system is designed for up-close accurate fire.

I lived off the land at one point in my life with a straight 4x rifle scope. I did just fine. The pot stayed full largely because of that weapon system. However, I have never owned or used this particular 1-4x scope.

4. Truglo Omnia Tactical Rifle Scope

This scope is offered in several power settings. They include the 1-4x 24mm model. The scope is well known to me. I shoot two different variants of it on shotguns, crossbows, and centerfire high-power rifles. My knowledge of the scope comes from field testing new industry ammunition and hunting warm targets in the field. The bottom line is that this is a nice scope built by an American company that backs their products.

I have found the scopes easy to zero. They have large control surfaces. Because they are illuminated, my aging eyes have been able to stay right at the top of my target.

The large 30mm primary tube holds big tough parts that repeat zero with ease. It will set a new zero-like nothing. The adjustable brightness settings make it a solid choice when working from a treetop stand or covering a ground blind in the almost pre-dawn light.

The sight adjustments work of ½ MOA clicks. The illuminated circle allows a fast target lock even when shooting a running game in heavy cover. The scope is built around an included one-piece Weaver-style mount and ring system. This means you can buy and mount the scope on the same day.

The scope is tough. It is totally waterproof and gas filled with O ring protected seals. Want varied power? There are two additional models to choose from as well.

5. Leupold VX- Freedom 1.5-4X20mm

This scope is without question all Leupold to the core. It is built of high-grade aircraft aluminum. Leupold sets the glass by hand. All internals are designed well and backed completely by Leupold.

It is designed using the Leupold’s light management system. Therefore, you’re going to get more gunning time early and late in the day with this scope.

Bear in mind that this product is priced about 30 percent more than most similar models. It is well worth the extra money. You’re going to get exactly what you’re paying for. This scope returns performance and serviceability. Leupold’s move to the low sight range of 1.5x is different. Rest assured that change occurs for a reason. These folks own the designs of the best sniper scopes ever taken into combat by the US Army. The basic pedigree of this scope is consistent with the other models offered by this all-American company. I shoot with a heavy presence of the Leupolds here at Ballistics Research & Development. I do so because the scopes work well in all kinds of nasty conditions.

6. Sig Sauer SOT 41111 TANGO4

Here is a rifle scope that is similar to the new Sig glass sights being designed and built for the US Army. This company has been contracted by the US Government to replace the ACOG-style sights. They will be replacing them with a new 1-6x in the chopped bell housing style. We have reviewed similar scopes here previously. Sig also offers the basic chopped bell in the SOT41111 Tango4.  While not cheap, the scope is designed to meet the needs of tactical law enforcement units. I can also be switched to the requirements of the sport shooter or target games enthusiast.

This illuminated scope is both day and night workable. It is always accurate in low light conditions.

The power on the illumination elements is activated when the scope is moved. The system will shut down when the scope is at rest. This saves power and provides a long battery life.

The weight is 2.8 lbs. It is built for tactical use as a primary assignment. This scope can be dropped in a full meter of water and not be affected. The stay dry feature introduces the general field hardness of the glass sight.

This scope is professional grade to be sure. It comes with a higher cost. But it is worth the price.

7. Bushnell AR Optics 1-4×24 Drop Zone.

As I have written many times, Bushnell is a darn fine scope. It is great as a reasonably-priced scope that will last you many years. I shoot several different types of these scopes on very heavy recoiling 12 gauge riot-style shotguns with outstanding results. Some of my scopes are better than 30 years old. They are still running tests for me on the range. And they help me shoot warm targets in the field.

The Bushnell Drop Zone is the general 1-4s AR-style design. It uses an open turret for fast elevation correction and windage adjustments. The clicks are positive with a good accurate return to zero when required. This scope uses the Bushnell DZ .223 optic system. It is clearly doped for use with the .223 Remington round. However, just by doing your dope adjustments, you can adjust for any round.

The scope offers the SFF sub tensions. It is a good choice for both hunters and even law officers in smaller departments. Yes, as a retired officer of 26 years myself, I would rely on the Bushnell in a police environment.

It may not be military-grade. However, this tight little glass sight will not let you down. The view is very sharp with great light control. The power changes are fast with the throw lever installed. The sub-tensions are simple and fast-acting on moving targets. Also, the scope is workable on targets up to 600 yards down range, depending on target size and lighting conditions.  You will not find a better scope for the money. As an entry-level or general-purpose scope, the Bushnell is money well spent.


The few scopes presented here have one thing in common: size and style. The scopes are designed for three gun shooting competitions or general hunting. Considering how well built many of them are, they don’t break the household bank account either.

Currently, I have been running extensive testing on the new tungsten-grade shot types coming out for turkey hunters. For example, the Remington 870 mounting a slug barrel. A scope rail has become a standard when running velocity chronograph recordings, pattern work for load performance standards, and other related drills with the new types of ammunition. In this area, I have relied on Bushnell, Leupold, and TruGlo extensively. One, because they are in my inventory. Two, because they tend to work out very well. Now, if a commercial outfit like mine can rely on a product, I can assure you the scope will work for you as well.

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